Posted by: climatecollaborative | February 17, 2009

HCC Suggested Checklist for Student Groups

A number of HCC members have asked for a list of issues that student groups can use as a starting point in figuring out which projects to pursue and determining what the possibilities for their school and their group might be as each campus works to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and to achieve other environmental goals.  We’ve taken a shot at producing such a list, and hope that it can be helpful this year and in the future as well.  As always, suggestions and comments are appreciated.  List available here and below:


Critical Issues and Potential for Student Action


This list is neither exhaustive nor perfectly suited for each school.  However, HCC reps and student leaders may use these categories and suggested items as ways to organize and plan various initiatives at their respective schools, to see what concerns have not yet been addressed, and to compare their work with that of student groups at other schools.   




  • institutional memory – record-keeping of events and notable initiatives at your school, ideas that have been proposed, projects undertaken, successes and failures, challenges
  • school-wide organizations – what groups are doing environmental work, who are key administration, faculty, and staff; are there dedicated resources, OFS personnel, contact lists, other working groups?
  • contacts with facilities managers and staff – crucial for most projects
  • annual reports, indicators, benchmarks – coordinated with the OFS and other schools?
  • student involvement in campus-wide committees, planning, and organizations such as the HCC



  • power – ways to reduce power use (technical equipment, computers, habits, etc.)
  • lighting – motion sensors, dimmers, shading devices, etc.
  • HVAC systems – heating, cooling, ventilation – identify needs and opportunities for improvement
  • energy use in heating water: laundry, drying, showers



  • recycling, trash reduction   
  • cleaning liquids and techniques
  • supply exchanges
  • events (waste-free?)
  • waterless urinals, low-flush toilets
  • move-in/move-out donation options (reuse)


Food and Drink

  • composting in dining venues
  • locally grown, organic produce
  • catering practices
  • condiments (individual packets vs. bulk)
  • packaging, bottled water


Curriculum/Professional Interest

  • class offerings
  • professional development
  • faculty/administration interest and support

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