Posted by: aronchang | February 6, 2009

HMS Quarterly Sustainability Report and the FAS Sustainability Report Card

Sustainability Report, which is jointly produced by HMS Facilities and the Office for Sustainability, was brought up at the January HCC meeting as something that might be useful for every school to have.  Maybe not in the exact same format, but something readily accessible to each school’s staff and student body would be a useful way to share information about school-wide and university-wide initiatives, as well as progress and challenges to date.  If the reports shared certain indicators and statistical analyses, then the reports could also serve as a way to compare schools and to identify opportunities for collaborations or other changes. 

The Office for Sustainability also provided us with a copy of the FAS Sustainability Report Card for FY08, which documents everything from transportatin and water use to GHG planning and LEED with key statistics and graphs for important indicators. 

Do other schools already have similar reports or interesting ways of sharing information that come from the administration?  How do students gather information related to the GHG reduction goals or other sustainability issues at your schools?


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