Posted by: apc309 | January 29, 2009


The Graduate of Education has been working on the following:

1. Forming a group.

2. Encouraging students to sign the sustainability pledge through recent tabling in Gutman and at the multicultural fair. The GSE obtained the second highest number of signatures, and may win a $13,000 prize.

3. Requesting that Conroy Commons Café use biodegradable flatware and put composting bins near the trash cans. Dara, the Ed School’s Green Team coordinator, thinks this will change in the spring semester.

4. Building an interest in potential Carbon Rally Competition between MIT and Harvard. Look here for more information –

5. Brainstorming with HGSD and HSPH about a collaborative “charette” in the spring about “green schools.”

6. Approaching administrators about a zero waste graduation event and a green gift for students.



  1. This is really cool, thanks for the update Andrew! As you guys pull everything together, I’d encourage you to put together some sort of “governing document” outlining administrative allies, successful actions, etc. You guys face a particular challenge of institutional memory but if this doc exists, then at least we can keep it in the HCC/Enviro Society repositories (or with Dara) for handing off to next year’s group of students.

    Keep us posted!

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