Posted by: ndesantis | January 21, 2009

Profile: Nicole DeSantis

Name: Nicole DeSantis

School, year: Harvard University Division of Continuing Education, 2010

Last stop before Harvard: Boston, MA

Given unlimited resources and access to whomever you’d want, what’s one environment-related change you’d like to see at your school?

I would like to see more social events and personal connections made between students throughout Harvard extension school’s programs. Environmental work spans so many disciplines and I think students from diverse fields of study could really benefit from communicating their environmental ideas and concerns to one another. I think this could be accomplished through fostering more opportunities for dialogue, such as casual socials. Also, I believe more aggressive networking to remind students of events and the value in their presence at these events would be helpful. I hope to have the opportunity to ask more students in my school this question and gather feedback.

Earliest memory that made you realize, “yep, I care about the environment.”

Growing up my mom was the founder of a school that was built on the need for environmental education for children. I think I took for granted her value of sharing nature education and didn’t realize how lucky I was to participate in nature activities such as hiking or studying plants and trees. When I was in middle school I spent a summer as a teacher assistant just looking after the children and participating in activities. The other students really appreciated their time spent on the daily nature walks we took together and were in awe of the changing plants and tracks we would discover. Those walks that summer really made me realize the value of finding a personal connection to nature and preserving our natural environment.

What did you do on the night of the presidential elections?
I went to a friend’s house for an election party and almost knocked over a few people while jumping for joy. I was so excited!


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