Posted by: Spring Greeney | November 26, 2008

11.24.08 Meeting Minutes: Summary

“Buildings, Energy, and Infrastructure”

Guest Speakers: Tom Vautin (University Operations Services) and Nathan Gauthier (Office for Sustainability)

Members in attendance: Shannon Simms (GSD), Dave Lewis (GSD), Stephen Jensen (GSAS), Marty Leape (HILR), Allison Myers (HKS), Andrew Foss (HKS), Kevin Banahan (HSPH), Peter James (HSPH), Gracie Brown (FAS), Karen McKinnon (FAS), Moeko Yoshitomi (GSAS), Craig Altemose (HLS), Daniel Chandler (GSAS), Julia Roos (HSPH), Garrett Smith (HBS), Andrew Costigan (HGSE), Lina Swislocki (HGSE), Aron Chang (Coordinator; GSD), Spring Greeney (Coordinator; GSD)

Introductions, reminder: please post your profile to the Collaborative blog.

TOM VAUTIN PRESENTATION on energy and infrastructure:

  • 85% of our GHG emissions are associated with our buildings — heating, cooling, electricity.
  • Presentation: Overview of how these three utilities are generated and used at Harvard, and how electricity is purchased and used here at Harvard.
  • Full presentation available here.

NATHAN GAUTHIER PRESENTATION on green building here at Harvard:

DAVE and SHANNON’S PRESENTATION on the GSD’s Green Design group

  • Discussion of initiatives undertaken to “green Gund.”
  • Discussion of striking a balance between personal and professional decisions that impact the environment.
  • Full presentation avaiable here.

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