Posted by: sjensen | November 24, 2008

Profile: Stephen Jensen

Stephen Jensen

GSAS, Chemistry PhD, 2013

Portland, ME

Given unlimited resources and access to whomever you’d want, what’s one environment-related change you’d like to see at your school?

GSAS, unfortunately, has some of the worst recycling statistics of all the schools within Harvard.  One of my most practical wishes would be for the community to be much more aware of the recycling policies within Harvard and recognize the steps that need to be taken to make one’s footprint smaller.  This starts simply with recycling cans and bottles and turning off lights and would hopefully develop into more difficult things like buying locally, eating lower on the food chain, and taking shorter showers.  Education is the main problem here and I think funneling resources into posters and other programs that get out the word is the most effective way to do this.

Earliest memory that made you realize, “yep, I care about the environment.”

When I was in 5th grade I had to design the ideal house for a culminating project.  I was somewhat of a nerd and obsessed with science so I focused on a discussion about the best way to power the house.  I overviewed different technologies that could do it from information I gathered from World Book Encyclopedia, and ultimately decided on fusion power because it didn’t pollute.  My teacher didn’t have the slightest clue of what fusion was, but luckily another teacher filled him in so I ended up getting a good grade.

What did you do on the night of the presidential elections?
I went to Tommy Doye’s because the Harvard Democrats rented it out even though I don’t like bars so that I could experience that night with a group of people who were really excited about the results.  It definitely did not disappoint.


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