Posted by: peterjames7 | November 15, 2008

Profile: Peter James

Peter James
Harvard School of Public Health, 2012
Harvard School of Public Health Environmental Health Club, Vice-President
Interdisciplinary Consortium on Urban Planning and Public Health, Member
Washington, DC

Given unlimited resources and access to whomever you’d want, what’s one
environment-related change you’d like to see at your school?

I would like Harvard to really put their money where their mouth is and purchase 100% renewable energy for all campuses. Imagine the statement that would make to other universities and the world about our commitment to sustainability? It would also drive the market for renewable energy, reduce our contribution to greenhouse gases, and lower the school’s emission of air pollution that is harmful to human health.

Earliest memory that made you realize, “yep, I care about the environment.”

During an environmental science course in high school, I got the opportunity to measure and report on the health of the watershed that I lived in in Washington, DC. I loved collecting midges in streams, stomping around in the leaves measuring trees, and just getting my hands dirty. I had a realization that it might be possible to spend the rest of my life working in and with the environment, and that really thrilled me. That has been my passion since.

What did you do on the night of the presidential elections?

I watched with friends, cried, and went to sleep with a smile on my face that hasn’t left.


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