Posted by: lilgbrown | November 15, 2008

Profile: Gracie Brown

Gracie Brown

Harvard College, 2011

Environmental Action Committee, Policy Co-Chair

Woodside, CA

Given unlimited resources and access to whomever you’d want, what’s one environment-related change you’d like to see at your school?

I would like to see an attentiveness to environmental stewardship become an integral part of every Harvard community member’s daily life. When we choose to join the Harvard community, we sign on to some of the beliefs that Harvard holds and the practices that Harvard supports, to all the little peculiarities and the larger values that make Harvard Harvard. Now, one of those facets of Harvard includes an understanding of our individual environmental impact, and a concern for how this affects our selves, our community, our planet, and our future. I would like to see the Harvard community embrace this deeper understanding, and allow it to shape and contribute to their daily actions as well as their broader life’s goals.

Earliest memory that made you realize, “yep, I care about the environment.”

Throughout high school, I attempted to go off meat, but animals’ rights were never enough of a motivation to completely swear off all flesh. When I learned about the immensely destructive impact of livestock on land, and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions, I finally was compelled to turn to tofu. Since then, I have been working to solve the climate problem in hopes that someday I can guiltlessly sink my teeth into a medium-rare blue-cheese burger with a toasted whole wheat bun, a little mustard, ketchup and a tiny bit of garlic salt.

What did you do on the night of the presidential elections?

I sat in the back of orchestra rehearsal hiding my laptop behind the timpani as I watched election results come in. I didn’t miss my entrance, though.



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