Posted by: Dave Lewis | November 11, 2008

Profile: Dave Lewis

Name: Dave Lewis
School, year: Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2009
Student group (title, if applicable): Green Design
Last Stop Before Harvard: Durham, NC

Given unlimited resources and access to whomever you’d want, what’s one environment-related change you’d like to see at your school?

I agree with Aron that the amount of waste at the GSD is staggering and unfortunate. However, the environment related change I’d like see are sustainable design theories and practices integrated into the core curriculum. Designers will have a much larger impact on the environment through their professional decisions than they will through their personal decisions. The GSD should position itself to be the world leader in sustainable design and emphasize to its students the professional ethics of sustainability.

Earliest memory that made you realize, “yep, I care about the environment.”

It’s hard to pick just one. When I was little kid, my parents – and my dad in particular – would take my sisters and myself on hikes whenever we had the opportunity. The love of being outdoors carried through to college when I became aware of the political nature of environmental issues. I’ve always “cared” for the environment, but it wasn’t until I was an undergrad at Duke that I realized I would need to actively and politically advocate for it.

What did you do on the night of the presidential elections?

Waited for the results to come in, applauded when they announced Ohio’s votes went to Obama, and felt relieved more than anything else when McCain gave his concession speech.



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